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Clinical Psychologist, Co-founder of Equanimity Retreat and author of BOLD: A CURE FOR PANIC ATTACKS. Over the past ten years, hundreds of clients in my clinical practice have used my material to end panic and chronic anxiety, build unshakeable social confidence, master their emotions and find a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in life. 


As a former panic sufferer, I understand. You’ve tried everything: benzodiazepines, meditation, diaphragmatic breathing, exercise, yoga, natural supplements, rescue drops, chamomile tea, CBD oil, counting backwards from 100, distraction, hypnotherapy, cold showers and visualizing your happy place. Some of these provide symptom relief, but you're still treading water. 

You’ve also tried avoiding your panic, but it pursues you. You’ve fought it with sheer, unbridled will power - a testament to your resolve. But the harder you fight, the stronger it becomes. 

In an effort to find the root cause of your anxiety, you may have tried talking about your childhood with an empathic therapist. Unfortunately, this often leaves you confused and without a clear action plan. You’ve exhausted self-help advice and are tired of endless tips and hacks from internet articles. Prescription medication numbs your symptoms along with your capacity to feel joy and excitement.


You’re exhausted from managing your anxiety day to day without fully living


I take a different approach: 


1. I don’t teach anxiety management


I’m not interested in helping you find symptom relief. I show you how to eradicate panic and intense anxiety from your life for good. I teach you how to transform fear into excitement by reconditioning your relationship to physical discomfort.


Panic attacks aren't the problem, but rather, our fear of them, which takes the form of avoidance, resistance and judgement. This is true with all uncomfortable emotions: our reaction to them determines their frequency and intensity. We can't control when we feel panic, fear or emotional discomfort. We can control our response to these experiences. This is the key to emotional mastery


At the heart of most approaches to dealing with panic is the intention to stop your anxiety by trying to calm down. This is natural. We want to feel better, so we fight our anxiety with distraction, leaving the situation, relaxation exercises, herbal tea, counting backwards from 100 and more - anything not to feel these strange sensations. Unfortunately, symptom management strategies fail as a long term solution because they involve trying to avoid the uncomfortable sensations in your body. This makes us more afraid of our anxiety and perpetuates our panic. I don’t teach symptom relief. I show you how to eradicate your fear of fear and end panic and intense anxiety for good.

2. I give you science-based, real-time tools 


Real-time tools can be used in the moment, when it matters most. They don’t require hours of conditioning. They don't depend on significant amounts of neuroplasticity (changes in the brain as a consequence of practice and repetition) before you can benefit from them. They're like levers you can pull to take control of your autonomic nervous system and gradually recondition your relationship to fear.  

3. I give away most of my material for free


I want to show you that my free material is better than most paid material out there. 


Here's what people have said about my work. 


Right now, I want to prove that my material can change your life. Let me send you my FREE, Ultimate Guide To Ending Panic Attacks. This 90 page Guide is like an acid bath for panic and anxiety!  

It’s an honor to serve you on your journey to living a BOLD life. 


Your friend, 

Brad Kallenbach

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