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Stop Panic Attacks, Overcome Fear and Master Your Emotions

Forget Brown Paper Bags, Chamomile Tea and Visualizing Your Happy Place


What if you could:


  • Leave the house without feeling terrified of having a panic attack?

  • Feel calm and confident meeting new people?

  • Fly 16 hours across the world to visit your dream destination with your partner?

  • Start the day calm and relaxed without a feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach?

  • Enjoy concerts, crowded restaurants and date nights without obsessively checking for the nearest exit? 

  • Get in your car and drive wherever you want without worrying about fainting and causing an accident? 

  • Trust yourself and feel excited about life again?  



Hi, I'm Brad Kallenbach, Clinical Psychologist, co-founder of Equanimity Retreat and author of BOLD: A CURE FOR PANIC ATTACKS. 















Over the past ten years, hundreds of people in my clinical practice have used my approach to end panic and chronic anxiety, build unshakeable social confidence, master their emotions and find a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in life. 


As a former sufferer, I understand. You’ve tried everything: medication, meditation, diaphragmatic breathing, exercise, yoga, natural supplements, rescue drops, chamomile tea, hemp oil, counting backwards from 100, distraction, hypnotherapy, cold showers and visualizing your happy place. 

Some of these provide symptom relief, but you're constantly treading water.  


​You’ve also tried avoiding your panic, but it pursues you. You’ve fought it with sheer, unbridled will power - a testament to your determination and resolve. But the harder you fight, the stronger it becomes. 


​In an effort to find the root cause of your anxiety, you may have tried talking about your childhood with an empathic counsellor. Unfortunately, this often leaves you confused and without a clear action plan.


You’ve exhausted self-help advice and are tired of endless tips and hacks from internet articles.


Prescription medication numbs your symptoms, along with your capacity to feel joy and excitement.


You’re exhausted from trying to manage your anxiety, day in and day out, without fully living. 

You need a long-term solution. 

Working with anxious clients over the last ten years, I noticed something fascinating: the most effective solution was also highly paradoxical. It required people to do the opposite of what they tended to do, namely, try their hardest to calm themselves down. Trying to stay calm seemed to do two things:


1.Bind them into an incessant cycle of 'anxiety management.'

2. Perpetuate their fear in the long run. 

The best approach, on the other hand, was counterintuitive: it required people, in their most anxious moments, to willingly bring on their anxiety. This empowered them. In time, it reconditioned their nervous system: they began to associate feelings of excitement to their anxiety and no longer feared the prospect of having a panic attack. 

​Once the fear of having a panic attack disappeared, their panic attacks disappeared as well. 


A stunning insight emerged: Panic attacks are not the problem, but rather, our fear of them, which takes the form of avoidance, resistance and judgement. This is true with all uncomfortable emotions: our reaction to them determines their frequency and intensity. We can't control when we feel panic, fear or emotional discomfort, only our response to these experiences. This is the key to emotional mastery. 


Stunned by the power of this approach, I was compelled to share it with everybody. 


And so I integrated the best existing tools into a simple, 4 step-framework…


…a cheat sheet for ending panic attacks for good, building confidence and maintaining equanimity in any situation...






 Audio Course 
















Imagine this….


You wake up in the morning without that feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach. You feel poised for the day ahead. You leave the house without the terror of having a panic attack, passing out and causing an accident. At work, you’re calm and confident. In the afternoon, you book a 16 hour flight for your dream holiday with your partner without the anticipatory dread of flying. That night you enjoy a concert with your friends without obsessively checking for the nearest exit. You come home and settle into a restful sleep. Your stomach isn't twisted into nervous knots and your mind doesn't race at the thought of waking up in the morning. You look forward to tomorrow. 

The BOLD Approach gives you everything you need to make this a reality. 


Most importantly, it shatters the myth of ‘anxiety management.’ Its promise is more ambitious: to help you end panic and intense anxiety for good. The idea that you need to settle for living with intense anxiety is a popular but false narrative. 


The BOLD approach will teach you:


  • Exactly how the panic cycle works and how to break it for good


  • 4 simple steps to stop a panic attack in any situation 


  • How to face situations you’ve been avoiding (including leaving your house) so you can start living freely again. 


  • How to rapidly accelerate your progress by knowing The 8 Factors that aggravate panic and anxiety. Knowing these principles is critical to recovery and almost no one speaks about them. 


  • What to do if you have a panic attack while driving

  • Real-time, science-based tools to help you take control of your autonomic nervous system (your fight-flight response) and induce feelings of calm at will using the power of the breathe and vision.  


And much more…..












































































The BOLD Approach includes:









































































While developing this course, I wanted to go above and beyond by offering you the most comprehensive, evidence-based Anxiety Toolkit ever created. My vision was to pour a decade's worth of clinical expertise into a product that would give anyone suffering from panic and other forms of intense emotional discomfort a real chance at enjoying life again without having to spend thousands of dollars on chronic medication and therapy.


This is why I also want to give you these beautifully recorded bonus products, absolutely free:



























































But I'm still not done...


I am so committed to helping you reclaim your life that I will also include a free copy of my ebook BOLD: A Cure For Panic Attacks, selected as one of Book Authority’s 23 Best New Panic Attack Ebooks To Read in 2022.









































































































































































































































































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  • 43 beautifully recorded audio tracks with all the theory, tools and exercises you need to master panic and extreme anxiety. The tracks follow a careful progression from insight to tools to application by showing you how to gradually expand your world and reclaim your confidence to live freely.

  • A word-for-word, step-by-step PANIC SCRIPT that shows you exactly how to stop a panic attack in real-time, in any situation. 

  • My complete Breathwork Toolkit which teaches you how to take control of your autonomic nervous system (your fight-flight response) and induce feelings of calm at will. 

  • My Practical Mindfulness Toolkit. Using simple, evidence-based techniques such as Grounding and Optic Flow (also known as Softening The Gaze), I show you how to use the science of Mindfulness in real-time to help you feel calm, centered and poised despite the presence of anxiety and other uncomfortable emotions. 

  • PDF's with exercises to help you master your new skills. 

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BOLD course screenshot 24.png


My complete Worry Toolkit:  End worry and rumination for good using a simple, 3 step system based on Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

My complete Social Anxiety Anxiety Toolkit: In these audios I reveal the key to help you unlock your social confidence so you can connect more deeply and authentically with others and experience the profound joy of human relationships.

My complete Insomnia Toolkit: Fall asleep in minutes With My Guided Muscle Relaxation Audio, 

combat lethargy and fatigue with the science of Non Sleep Deep Rest and know the 11 Principles for Healthy Sleep. 

My Stoic Principles For Overcoming Life Obstacles audio. The ancient Stoic philosophers developed systems for transforming obstacles into opportunities. These systems are the foundation of contemporary Cognitive Behavior Therapy. This audio program will introduce you to Stoicisms most powerful tools for meeting life's vicissitudes with vigor and courage.

BOLD course screenshot 20.png
BOLD course screenshot 27.png





















































































1. How much time do I need to complete the course?

You only need a few a minutes a day to complete the course, but have lifetime access to the course content. 

2. What if I’m already in therapy?

The emotion regulation skills taught in this course are not a replacement for therapy, but can be used as a powerful adjunct to your therapy process and form a holistic part of your recovery. 


3. Will this interfere with medication I’m on?

No. But if you're concerned that the exercises in the course may conflict with a medical condition you have, please consult your doctor before doing them. 










































Imagine another year feeling paralyzed by fear, avoidance and inaction. Another year dreading your next social event, flight or presentation. 


How many doors will remain closed to you if you don’t do something about this? 


What could your life be like, one year from now, if you solved this, once and for all? 


What opportunities await for your relationships, career, finances, physical and emotional well-being? 


Can you imagine your life without panic and extreme anxiety?  


A year from now, you’ll be another year older. You deserve to be free of this. What are you going to do?

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Here’s what people have said about my book, BOLD.


Please note: this course isn't for everyone. 


BOLD is not for you if:


You’re a passive consumer and not a doer.

We make progress by taking action, not contemplating our navels! The most powerful tools on earth are useless unless you pick them up and use them. 

You're looking for a Silver Bullet for your anxiety.

Creating meaningful, lasting change takes time and effort. If you don't have an hour a week for the next month to commit to overcoming your anxiety, this course isn't for you. 


BOLD is for you if:


You’re not content to merely consume and intellectualize but to do something different. This approach is for people who have the courage to act and who are no longer content being a spectator in their own life. 

You're prepared to set aside a few minutes a day to invest in your recovery. 

You're tired of managing your anxiety day to day and are looking for a bolder, long-term solution. 

You have a vision for what your life looks like free from extreme anxiety and understand that setbacks and obstacles are a natural part of any journey. Indeed, you welcome them as an opportunity to grow.  

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